Celtic Spa

Meditation Spa


  1. A Beggin’ I Will Go With Small Woodland Birds for Rest and Healing
  2. Autumn Leaves With Babbling Brook for Restful Sleep and Total Relaxation
  3. Calling My Name With Warm Fire Glow for Self Awareness and Inner Peace
  4. Carolans Welcome With Wind Through the Trees for Serenity and Contemplation
  5. Chasing the Sunset With Gentle Nature Sounds for Spiritual Healing and Well Being
  6. Lady of the Lake With Flowing Water for Stress Release and Peace of Mind
  7. Long a Growing With Gentle Birdsong for Calm and Peaceful Relaxation
  8. Mist Covered Mountains With Quiet Rain Shower for Deep Meditation and Contemplation
  9. Morning Light With Evening Ambience for Emotional Healing and Inner Strength
  10. Morrisons Jig With Bright Bird Songs for Thoughtfulness and Self Awareness
  11. My Song for You With Forest Birds for Wellness and Stress Release
  12. Petticoats Loose With Forest Birds for Healing Strength and Serenity
  13. Rights of Man With Gentle Rainfall for Inner Balance and Spiritual Awakening
  14. Roxborough Castle With Mountain Stream for Calm Thoughts and Inner Strength
  15. Royal Forester With Calling Birds for Meditation and Deep Sleep
  16. Skye Boat Song With Approaching Rainstorm for Deep Meditation and Restful Sleep
  17. Snowflakes Dance With Serene Breezes for Quiet Contemplation and Well Being
  18. The Cuckoo With Evening Marsh Creatures for Peace of Mind and Deep Relaxation
  19. Torn Apart With Evening Cricket Calls for Deep Relaxation and Spiritual Awareness
  20. When I Was On Horseback With Quiet Wet Land Ambience for Healing Strength and Stress Release
  21. Winter Solstice With Gentle Surf for Peace of Mind and Meditation

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